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NLP Sales training


Just imagine if you could have an unfair advantage in every sales call you make. Now stop imagining…. It is possible, and the answer is NLP. This is sales training unlike anything else you have ever seen!

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NLP Sales training – get the unfair advantage

Course NLP Sales training. Get the unfair advantage
Course Duration 5 Days
Course Cost R8000 per delegate. (Minimum 8 delegates)
Pre-requisite NLP Mindset for Success and Excellence
Audience Sales staff, sales support and sales managers

Course Overview

Just imagine if you could have an unfair advantage in every sales call you make. Now stop imagining…. It is possible, and the answer is NLP. This is sales training unlike anything else you have ever seen. We do not simply focus on the stages of the sales process, but rather the psychology of people.

NLP as a body of knowledge is full of processes and techniques of influence. Business people love processes, don’t they? Sales people love having influence, don’t they? That is why NLP and selling is such a popular partnership and why our NLP Sales Training course is one of our most popular training courses for businesses.

The reality is NLP can be used to convince almost anyone to do almost anything through mental acuity, hypnotic language patterns and/or suggestion in order to influence thoughts, behaviors and outcomes. Just imagine if you could have these tools and abilities in your sales kit. Just imagine how much more you could sell if you could master these strategies. Well what if we told you…. YOU CAN!

Let us first break selling down to a simple process

 You market your product or service. You find ‘prospects.’
 You ask your prospect questions to get to know them.
 You find a need that they have and establish some value to them in satisfying that need.
 You link the need to your product or service.
 You ask them for the business.

Simple 5 step process isn’t it? Well if so, what specifically is the reason that 90% of sales people find it so difficult to master?

  • I suppose they might be selling the wrong product. Your product must add more value to someone than it costs. If not then give up now!
  • You may not have identified the right ‘prospect.’ There is no point in trying to sell something to someone who has no need for it – you are simply wasting your time.
  • Most sales people do not ask enough questions and they do not get to know the prospect well enough. If you do not ask someone the right questions then you will never find out what they need or desire.
  • Money only has value once I know what I am getting for it. Failing to create the correct value proposition will result in your client not parting with his money.
  • Sales people are generally scared of asking for the business in case the prospect says ‘no.’
  • Sales people are poor at overcoming objections.

NLP helps sales people overcome the above problems in the following ways:

  • NLP provides processes. If the processes are properly trained, then the sales people will follow the process. Keep it simple, a 5 step process!
  • NLP provides people with a mindset for success, it encourages results not excuses. For example is it better for a sales person to hold mental pictures of there being limitless opportunities and limitless clients? Or should they rather hold pictures of running out of prospects to sell to from a limited pool of clients?
  • NLP provides processes for building rapport with people consistently and quickly. This is useful for prospecting over the telephone, to ensure that your prospect is of the best possible quality, and is perfect for face-to-face interaction. The process works with the client subconsciously so that they become aware of really liking the sales person. If clients like you, then they will buy from you.
  • NLP breaks down thought processes and enables the salesperson to identify their prospects buying strategy just by asking a simple question. Once they know this then they can sell to that buying strategy, which will be extremely appealing to the client and they will be more inclined to buy.
  • NLP provides a process called anchoring, which the sales person can use to trigger positive thoughts and prepared mental signals in the client, which will make them more inclined to buy.
  • NLP language techniques enable sales people to communicate their messages efficiently so that the client understands the value in their product or service and realises how it fits their needs.
  • NLP sensory acuity techniques enable you to read what someone is thinking and feeling. This is really useful in establishing rapport and with identifying buying preferences.
  • NLP has a process called re-framing. This is a very simple process for overcoming objections, every time!
  • Milton language, the language patterns used in hypnosis, also known as the art of persuasion gives you the unfair advantage in creating lasting value propositions.

Give your sales team the unfair advantage with sales training like you have never seen before.

This course consists of 1 full training day every two weeks for a total of 5 training days. After every training day, your sales executives will have 2 weeks to implement the NLP Sales techniques learned in the one day session before we teach them the next techniques. This way we can ensure that all these NLP sales techniques become second nature and an automated response resulting in unconsciously capable sales executives who delivers results.

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